Superfood Stats - Asparagus

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Asparagus is a great vegetable for people who are physically active. It supplies almost 66% of the daily recommended intake of folate, which is crucial for red blood cell synthesis and preventing iron deficiency anemia. In addition, it is high in vitam...

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Superfood Stats - Artichoke

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Artichokes are a disease fighting food, combating diabetes, heart disease and cancer all at once. It is the main carbohydrate source inulin that is known to help stabilize blood sugar levels which is important for the prevention of diabetes. Artichoke...

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Superfood Stats - Apples

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Red, yellow, green, raw, cooked, alone or paired with meat, nuts or other fruits - there is no wrong way to eat an apple!

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Superfood Stats - Amaranth

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Amaranth is a great grain for physically active individuals as it boasts 5 grams of high quality protein in only half a cup. Amaranth is also high in iron and vitamin C which helps oxygenate the muscles to fuel your cardiovasc...

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Superfood Stats - Almonds

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One of my favorite quick snacks, especially when paired with fruit and/or yogurt!


Almonds are a nutrition packed nut. Like others nuts, it is...

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Just because you CAN doesn't mean you should

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I went from living healthfully, eating well, moving most days and being present and joyful, to competing in physique competitions from which I rebounded physically and propelled me into a depression and obsession with food and body image.

Then I started doubting everything that I believed about food and how to nourish my body.....And so I started on my anti-diet journey.

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Chocolate and Health

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As we approach the holiday devoted to the celebration of love we are bombarded with images of jewelry, flowers and of course chocolate! For you chocoholics out there there is some good news - chocolate in moderate amounts really is good for you. Cocoa contains flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant. They can lower your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and even relieve stress by helping your body to elliminate excess cortisol (the stress hor...
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The "Just One Thing" Challenge

Posted on January 9, 2014 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Lifestyle Change can be hard.

There are so many conflicting messages about what is healthy and what isn't, and just when we think we are doing ok, we find out that we don't have it right at all!  I...
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I Did NOT Want to Have to Do This....But it's time to reset the system!

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Two years.

It's actually been just over two years since I competed and it has taken my this long for my body to stabilize itself and return to a new normal. But this new normal is different. While I am thrilled to say that I really and truly feel like I am cured of my food issues and obsessions, which is why I did not want to make this d...
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Uncommonly Good Foods

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Most people are aware of the healthy benefits and nutrient profiles of common fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and oranges. But what about some lesser known and equally healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables.

  • Fennel: High in iron and can help prevent anemia in th...
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Weekly Meal Plan - Sept. 9

Posted on September 8, 2013 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

So I decided to get back into my weekly meal planning simply because I feel much less stress when I know what's coming. Not only does it make my days easier, it makes grocery shopping easier too!

It is not in great detail but more a rough idea as I try to rotate some of my long forgotten meal favorites and also try some new recipes. I will list the main meals here and maybe you might find some inspiration or new ideas here too :)

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*New!! Defining Balance Weight Loss and Nutrition Program

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I'm super, super excited to announce my new weight loss and nutrition coaching program!

See details below, check out the information here on the site or message me with any questions!

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Fruit ~ Great choice or too much sugar?

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Had a question from a friend and decided to post my response here...bit of a rant but it's how I feel. She was asking about sugar content in fruit and cutting out fruit to help her lose weight.



Fruit: Too much sugar?


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Intermittent fasting...experiment

Posted on July 20, 2012 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok so I blog and talk and post a LOT about food. I can't help it,

I LOVE food!

I love to eat it.

I love to study about it.

I love to make it even.

So when a lot of you started asking me about intermittent fasting I had to break...

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Exciting News - New service!

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I wasn't really sure how to catgorize this post so I put it with nutrition - I am thinking that for most people, offering this new service will fall into the nutrition aspect of wellness more than any other, so it is as it is.

As I have often blogged about, my own journey of self discovery and investigation in terms of my nutrition, has been a tedious and often frustrating one. Having spent the majority of my life dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndro...
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Disordered Eating ~ My Ongoing Journey

Posted on February 29, 2012 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (1)


“Stop trying to LOOK like a fighter and BE a fighter.”

(from Prayfit Daily earlier this week)


Wow! What profound words. How about if I words it like this…


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Mindful Eating and My Lenten Challenge

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As they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways and boy has He been working overtime on me this week!

Yesterday I had one of those rare bad days. It was just an emotional, lonely, bad day. I was aware of it, yet for some reason was unable to pull myself back. I prayed though, a lot throughout the day and made it to bed time in one piece. I just kept telling myself that I just have to make it to bedtime and tomorrow will be a better day. We all have them and I am n...

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I Felt Like S%*#! Isn't it Awesome?!?!?

Posted on December 20, 2011 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Strange as that sounds, it's true! This past weekend....well all last week. I felt terrible and on the weekend I had a bit of a revelation...

I had enough!

I was done. Sick of feeling lethargic, cranky and unorganized. The way that I used to feel all the time, without even fully really realizing it!

The body is an incredible machine and ...

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Doing what I said I would not do.....

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I have to admit that I got distracted over the past two weeks. I took a week off after the show and I guess that the high of reaching my goal and stepping on stage, full of energy and feeling healthy, really got the best of me. I won't lie, I was very proud of myself for reaching my goal, MY way. I know that I was not as lean as the other girls but I knew what I did to get where I was and more importantly I know what I did not do.


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Posted on November 15, 2011 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (1)

I came across a few pics from only a short year ago! I was amazed. After I competed last time, 4 years ago, I floundered around a LOT trying to find a way to enjoy my workouts again. It was a necessary evil in my life. At this point in the picture, I had started teaching my bootcamps and began to find something new in my exercise - - - - - FUN!


My entire training and nutrition has changed since these pics were taken. I will only post one here now. I have some more to p...

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