Negativity...the Voices in Your Head

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I listed this post under stress management and personal development because I truly believe that the negative energy in our lives is what creates the majoirty of our stress, and to learn how to better cope with that is the key to great personal development. Whether the negativity be in the form of other people, our own thoughts and self talk or our actual environment itself.

Bad news travels faster than good - we all...

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Avoiding Bad Habits

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Habits can be difficult to break. Routines become harder to change once they are ingrained in our minds and lives. Now that is fine if your habit is a healthy diet, exercise program or quality sleep routine; but when your habit is snacking on candy or lounging on the couch instead of exercising then it might be time to shake up your routine. Learn more about how to break the bad habits and build good ones.
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10 Tips to Healthy, Balanced Living...Part II

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The follow up to my last is the rest of the list!

4. Assess your fitness, nutrition, sleep routine and stress management techniques and look for ways to improve. These elements are all essential to a good, balanced wellness plan. Create a routine that works for you, in your life. Make adjustments and changes to help create healthy habits. Try new things and have fun!


5. Assess your emo...

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10 Tips to Healthy, Balanced Living...Part I

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1. As we head into the new year we reflect on the time that has passed and we look ahead with hope and optimism and plans for positive change – hence the popularity of the “New Year’s Resolution”.

But how about trying something different this year? Instead of the fads, diets, resolutions and promises why not try taking a positive approach by evaluating each aspect of your lifestyle and creating a positive statement of intent for that cat...

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Quitting on my dream

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I had to repost this status that I shared on Facebook the other day because I didn't want it to get lost in FB world. I wanted to close by to read and read again.  I am sure that I will need it. The road to self love and acceptance is often a long one and it has been for me. I am getting there but days like this it never hurts to have reminders.....

The last few weeks have been very difficult. I have finally had t...

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Stressful Relationships

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When talking about stress management, I have learned (or at least I believe) that the majority of our stress stems from relationships.


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My Most Recent Epiphany - Rollercoaster Year

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This past year has been a roller coaster for me. I have lived and learned, fallen and grown every single day and I am so grateful. This past week I have had a bit of a revelation about why some of the issues that I have struggled with have been so confusing for me. This revelation comes on the heels of a few weeks of anxiety. 

I still have a number of friends who are preparing to compete in a few short weeks. And everytime I see a post that small part of me is jealous. ...

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Me - The Highly Sensitive Adult - Part Three

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My high sensitivity always drove me to seek out peace and calm in my environment. 



I learned early on how stress can manifest physically as a result of my mother's health condition; and I grew up very passionate in the belief in the power of healthy living and nutrition.

When my hopes of attending music school in universi...

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Me - With a Highly Sensitive Child - Part Two

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When I become a mother for the first time I was filled with an extreme sense of fulfilment but also terror. I think I realized, on some subconscious level, that emotionally I wasn't going to be able to keep up my charade. But I tried, and tried and tried. Some days succeeding and some not so much.


I had two beautiful, healthy children 22 months apart. And I knew from the moment I gave birth to Rhiana that I was meant to be a...

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Me - The Highly Sensitive Child - Part One

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I can not contain my excitement over writing this post. I often write as an outlet because I can type fast enough to keep up with my brain – that doesn't always happen when journaling on paper or even when talking. While this is a very personal post, I hope that someone might be able to relate and learn from my experience as I have learned from others. This is part one of my three part post.



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My Journey out of the Vortex - GUEST POST from Marianne from

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I am so super excited to have this guest post from Marianne from Myomytv. Marianne is one of the co-founders of the" target="_blank">Girls Gone Strong Movement , mistress of the kettlebells :), a cardiac nurse and a kindred spirit. Although we have never met in person she has graciously agreed to write a guest post for me. The bulk of my own training has come from

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"You look like that all the time"

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For anyone who has grown up with self esteem issues (ok, who hasn't right?), looking at pictures of themself is usually a painful ordeal.

We automatically criticize the first and every subsequent flaw we can find. It is a reflex right? I am learning the past few months that it is one that we can change; and it gets better with age!

When I spoke about this recently a friend and client said it was because I was getting closer to forty. She has witnessed so ma...

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Who Are You Blaming?

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Naive and Paranoid - Yep That's Me!

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I am who I am. I am learning and growing just like so many of you; and I make lots of mistakes.

I am blessed to have acquired some very useful information that I believe it is important to share, with those who need it and more importantly, those who want it. The truth is that not everyone who needs it, wants it, so that is something that I struggle with - keeping my mouth shut and my enthusiasm at bay.

I am a smart woman. I have always been qui...

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What Do You Want More?

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Conflicting goals. That is me. This is something that I struggle with when it comes to my training. Not so much my nutrition as I have learned what makes me feel good and bad and what gives me lots of energy and what leaves me flat. But when it comes to my training it is a different story.

My contest prep this past fall was fabulous. I loved it! So much fun. And the first time in a long time that I was enjoying my training. But in the back of my head there was always that pa...

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How I Got Rid of my Good 'Ole Catholic Guilt

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As I posted in my last entry, I grew up in a Catholic family; both my Mother and Father are Catholic. So I came by my guilt honestly. They didn't do it on purpose, it is just a natural consuquence of growing up in the church- atleast it was for me.

I learned about sins and lots of them. How to repent. How to confess. How to ask for forgiveness. And to pray.

I will never forget the feeling of making my first reconciliation. At that ti...

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Goalsetting 101 - Part Four - Write it Down

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So you are completely clear about exactly WHAT it is that you want to achieve and WHY you want to do just that. One key thing to ensuring your sucess is actually doing one very simple thing......wait for it.....


Yes, writing down your goals is essential for success. But I will go a step further and say don't just write them down but review them at every opportuni...

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Goalsetting 101 - Part Two - Clarify

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If you read the first part of of this series here and answered the corresponding questions then you are now ready to move into clarifying your goals in the various areas of your life.

Clarifying your goals is absolutely essential for success! You can not work towards a goal if you are not sure exactly sure what it is that you...

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Goalsetting 101 - Part Three - Priorities or the "Why's"

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Figuring out what is the most important thing in your life sometimes seems trickier than one might think, but with a little thought and direction it isn't difficult at all.

We all know what the "right" and socially acceptable answers are, but the truth is that our priorities are not always reflected in how we spend our time and focus our attention. So it is time to get real and figure out exactly where your priorities are, and decide i...

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Goal setting - Part 1 - Reflect and Ponder

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This will be the first in a series of posts on goalsetting.

I firmly believe and have learned from experience (and continue to learn) that setting and reviewing your goals on a regular basis is the key to achieving them. A well formed goal can propel you to move forward in other areas of your life as well and once on the path to success that positive energy is transcendent and inspires us to take action elsewhere.

But before sett...

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