Negativity...the Voices in Your Head

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I listed this post under stress management and personal development because I truly believe that the negative energy in our lives is what creates the majoirty of our stress, and to learn how to better cope with that is the key to great personal development. Whether the negativity be in the form of other people, our own thoughts and self talk or our actual environment itself.

Bad news travels faster than good - we all...

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Just because you CAN doesn't mean you should

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I went from living healthfully, eating well, moving most days and being present and joyful, to competing in physique competitions from which I rebounded physically and propelled me into a depression and obsession with food and body image.

Then I started doubting everything that I believed about food and how to nourish my body.....And so I started on my anti-diet journey.

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Blessed Virgin! Did you see what she was at with the rosary beads?

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Ok, so the title was a bit of a joke...sort of. My friend and I were speaking in jest when I told her about my new use for rosary beads. :)

(Having being raised in catholic homes, in Newfoundland, we could both appreciate the...
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Stressful Relationships

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When talking about stress management, I have learned (or at least I believe) that the majority of our stress stems from relationships.


(photo source)

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Why is it all a Competition?

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I often forget how I used to feel. And since we know that thoughts create feelings, how I used to think.

Now when I see and hear of people with malice and negativity I often find myself questioning how and why, not in judgement but more out of pity. I should try to empathize, I was there. I have come a long way but sometimes I too slip occasionally. 

I have come to realize that most of the time when people think ill of others or wish to inf...

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My Journey out of the Vortex - GUEST POST from Marianne from

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I am so super excited to have this guest post from Marianne from Myomytv. Marianne is one of the co-founders of the" target="_blank">Girls Gone Strong Movement , mistress of the kettlebells :), a cardiac nurse and a kindred spirit. Although we have never met in person she has graciously agreed to write a guest post for me. The bulk of my own training has come from

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The Scale Still Gets in my Head Too Sometimes

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I can not lie, and anyone who reads any of my posts knows that I am very open here and what you see is what you get. I do not ever profess to have it "all figured out" by any means. But for the most part I do ok and I love to share my experience in the hope of helping someone else.

Yes,I still have some...

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Disordered Eating ~ My Ongoing Journey

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“Stop trying to LOOK like a fighter and BE a fighter.”

(from Prayfit Daily earlier this week)


Wow! What profound words. How about if I words it like this…


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Goalsetting 101 - Part Five - Set a Deadline

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Well the next logical step is to set a time frame for achieving your goal that you have so clearly defined!

But it might not seem as logical to some people as to others. it can not be denied that having a deadline makes us more driven, focused and productive. The key is to stay on task daily in making progress towards your goal, rather the procrastinating and cramming when crunch time hits!

So decide exactly what it is that you will accomplish and when you ...

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Bullying - Not Just for Kids

Posted on December 29, 2011 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (1)

I am currently watching one of my dearest friends struggle as she witnesses her daughter being bullied in one of the most sinister ways, I feel so much pain for both of them. I also think back and wonder if this is how my mother felt when we watched me go through the same thing so many years ago.

Bullying has evolved over the years and I think is more heinous than ever, but anyone who has been on the receiving end will tell you that the effects last for years and...

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"Survived the Holidays" Now Back to Real Life Please

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Well thank goodness that the worst is over!

LOL! Ok, that is a little dramatic, but this year that is how I honestly felt about the holidays in a way. I really felt emotional this year on a whole variety of levels. The usual family issues that arise every year is a given, but this year I had a strong feeling of a sort of anger about the whole commercialism of the season. Christmas started back in October just prior to the arrival of halloween and c...
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Is Time Management Really About Managing Our Time?

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"Here's the truth about time management.

We don't 'find' time, we must 'make' time for what is important to us."

Craig Ballantyne


This was the opening of one of the daily e-newsletters that I subscribe to. Over the course of my time studying self esteem, fitness, nutrition, an...

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Not just about fitness....

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I know that a lot of my blog entries and facebook updates lately have been about fitness and my competition preparation. But please always remember that that is not all that I am or all that I am about. Defining Balance is about using a variety of tools to help you manage your stress and your life and find balance in your work, home, relationships and within yourself.


I am so passionate about this because I live it each and every day...

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Hasn't been the most stellar week....

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This week has been rough in terms of contest prep. Workouts were ok but not as intense as last week, food was ok but not perfect on plan and I just don't feel like I have made any progress this week. I am feeling ok physically but in need of a good, tough workouts for sure. Plans in place to bump up the cardio next week and get back to heavier lifting, 4 days.


My prep has not been the typical "contest" workout regime. I am still doing limited cardio and have made great prog...

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Yes, I have bad days too....thankfully they don't last long

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This whole week wasn't the best. Nutrition and Training was good but nothing stage worthy...then again maybe I am being too hard on myself. I did the best with what I had at the time and when you know better you do better right? So I regrouped and now I am doing better. Adjustments made to my workout, adding an extra day of weight training and some more cardio (yes it is that time with only 8 weeks to the show) and I also have made changes to my nutrition. I will be cycling my carbs now ...

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Seasonal Depression and Mental Wellness

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I was quite pleased when I heard a higher up in our local hospital administration tell me that they are shifting the focus of attention from mental illness to mental wellness - isn't it incredible what a difference one word can make. A positive connotation versus a negative one. So with that in mind I want to briefly share some information about something that I too struggle with, seasonal depression. And having mentioned it in a recent post and in passing a few times in the past...

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Massage Therapy and Stress (part 1)

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Massage Therapy and Stress: Part I


“I am so stressed out!” How often have you heard or uttered these words? My guess is far too often to count! So often I am asked why I chose massage as my career and to be honest “stress” is the answer. So what is this mysterious “stress” that we talk about so often and why would this obscure word affect my choice of profession?


Stress is a word that we throw around alm...

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Massage Therapy and Stress (part 2)

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Massage Therapy and Stress: Part II

In today’s society the focus seems to be more on healing disease and illness rather than prevention, however there is a movement of change. More people than ever are starting to take responsibility for their own health and are turning to once considered “alternative” therapies for healing and preventative care. Massage Therapy is one of those key treatment options.


Massage therapy once h...

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Is there enough to go around?

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My question it human nature or learned behaviour....Why do people hate to see others happy? Successful? Confident?


Well after a lifetime of feeling "bullied" and "never good enough" I have come to realize that people believe that if you are happy, you are stealing from their happiness. If you are successful, that means less success for them. All good things in life sit in a big pot and there is only so much to go around. So you had better...

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"Why Bother...No one Will Listen"

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Back in the not so distant future, I was told by a very dear "friend" that it would be useless for me to persue my personal trainer certification while here in this small town where I currently reside. She did not believe that I would be able to put it to good use. In her opinion my opinion and ideas wouldn't hold any weight (pardon the pun) around here. When I questioned her on exactly why she thought so, she told me it was because I was "never fat".


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