Week 8 - May 24 challenge

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The last and final week.

How have you done this last 7 weeks? Did you get in all of your workouts? Meals?

Did you achieve any strength goals? Time goals? Fit into a certain pair of jeans?

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Week 7 - May 24 Challenge

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I now realize that I should have posted at the END of the week and not the beginning because it just screwed me up, lol.

I like to look back and reflect but then again this might be a good lesson for me on looking forward rather than back!

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Week 6 - May 24 Challenge

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Wow, week five flew by and now on to week six! 

Only two weeks to go and it will be the May long weekend. Almost to the end of the shcool year and a few weeks shy of  the half way point of 2013.

How have the last 6 weeks been for you?

Have you been ...

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Week 5 - May 24 Challenge

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We are really starting week 5 already?!?!

How'd that happen?

Ok. This week I plan to get a little more specific with my nutrition. I have been planning and prepping which redu...

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Week 4 - May 24 Challenge

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Wow, the fourth week came and went and I didn't even get to get a post out! I had this one half written and saved in my drafts but never got a chance to finish and post!

We are at the half way point!!!

Photo Source

I hop...

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Week Two Review

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Week two is all over and we head into week, time really does fly!!! This past week was great, I feel fabulous and am very happy with my progress. :)

Here is the rundown.....

5 metabolic workout completed!

Well, with one minor adjustment. I missed Tuesday because I was out of town.

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Week 2 - May 24 Challenge

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I had this whole post typed and lost it when I tried to save it as a draft :(

So here it is, week one is history and we are into Easter week. So the kids will be home and I will be focusing on the planned metabolic workouts that I already have on the books and taking a rest from the typical strength workouts. I will also not be having regularly schedule classes with my lovelies, but will be throwing in a few random workouts with them...
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Week one in review - May 24 Challenge

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Wow! What a week!

It is always incredible to me how much more productive I am when I am organized.

And as simple as my plan is, when it is there, in place, I just do it!

And you can too! Just ...

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Week 1 - May 24 Challenge

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I want to start this week by stating my intentions and goals. 

I do not want to weigh a certain amount or be a certain size by the end of this 8 weeks. I simply want to stay consistent. By following through with my plans I know that I will feel a great deal of pride and satisfaction. This is probably my biggest issue, so it is my ONLY focus for the next 8 create a plan and t...

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8 Week Challenge and an Update - I've been away for a while

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Challenge Time!!!


Since our family is such avid campers, the may 24th weekend is always a major one for us (although we do tend to start our season long before that), but I am using it as my marker.


Monday, March 25 to Friday, May 17


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