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Posted on November 8, 2011 at 11:10 PM



I know that a lot of my blog entries and facebook updates lately have been about fitness and my competition preparation. But please always remember that that is not all that I am or all that I am about. Defining Balance is about using a variety of tools to help you manage your stress and your life and find balance in your work, home, relationships and within yourself.


I am so passionate about this because I live it each and every day. I do not have it all figured out, far from it, but I have spent over ten years studying various topics and techniques which I feel have helped me to begin to find my own way and I want to share it with you. I believe that I have been put here on this earth to do just that, I feel it is a gift, one of my talents and I pray for guidance in using it to the best of my ability.


I used to get very frustrated with massage clients who just wanted me to "fix" them. They didn't want to do their homecare, they didn't want to do their exercises prescribed by the physio therapist - coming and lying on my table was a passive approach and far more enjoyable for many. Don't get me wrong, there are many clients whose massages were far from pleasant but the majority of clients want me to do the work. This is probably the single most frustrating part of my job as a massage therapist. But in all of my frustration, over the course of my twelve years in practice, it has become very obvious to me that people NEED that passive, relaxing time. Why?


The simple answer would be to say stress.

But what is stress?

Why is life so much more advanced and yet we feel so far behind?

Why is it that all of the technology which is supposed to make our lives easier has madeus more frazzled, rushed and out of touch with the important people in our lives?


My ultimate goal is to help you discover where your balance lies; how you can better manage the stress in your life so that you can enjoy your life!

  • Do you need to clarify your goals?
  • Do you need to recognize your priorities?
  • Do you need to manage your time better?
  • Do you need to eat better?
  • Do you need more sleep?
  • More or less exercise?
  • Do you need to reduce the number of volunteer commitments?
  • Spend more time with friends?
  • Forgive yourself or others?
  • Laugh more?
  • Find a new hobby?
  • Would you benefit from quiet time to pray, read or meditate daily?


We are all different and all have different needs and goals. But in the end, we all want to be happy and enjoy our time on this earth.

So what exactly do you want and what are you willing to give up (or take up) to get there?

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