"Survived the Holidays" Now Back to Real Life Please

Posted on December 28, 2011 at 10:25 AM

Well thank goodness that the worst is over!

LOL! Ok, that is a little dramatic, but this year that is how I honestly felt about the holidays in a way. I really felt emotional this year on a whole variety of levels. The usual family issues that arise every year is a given, but this year I had a strong feeling of a sort of anger about the whole commercialism of the season. Christmas started back in October just prior to the arrival of halloween and continued on through Remembrance Day and the American Thanksgiving and right up to the very last minute on Christmas Eve.

Luckily, I am not a person who stresses out about Christmas. I do not buy gifts for every person I have ever met or every child that my children have ever played with and in all honesty I don't think that people mind. I am also not one for formal dining and don't invite a lot of people over for meals. Not that I am anti-social or anything, it just isn't my thing I guess. I'm not very "Martha Stewart-y" I suppose and that's fine with me and my friends (as far as I know).

Christmas is always difficult when you are away from your family, but sometimes even more difficult when you are with them ;), so I suggest choosing the lesser of two evils on that front. But when you are away you do still tend to think about them and I guess the culmination of emotions and stress for many, will tend to accentuate and exaggerate the situations and relationships.

So how do you combat the emotional drainage and the overindulgence that so often comes with the holidays?

I know for me, this year in particular, I was pretty good with my food. I did eat a few out of the way things that were not a part of my plan, but in all honesty it caused more trouble than it was worth. The abdominal discomfort, bloating and pain was NOT worth the ten seconds of chewing and tasting. I would much rather FEEL good, healthy and full of energy than suffer from gas and bloating, pain and constipation anyday!

So for those who believe that I turned down your chocolates and cookies because I am "watching my figure" you couldn't be any more off base. I did go off plan somewhat but was so excited to have my shake and natural peanut butter this morning followed by my egg whites and broccoli! Weird? Maybe, but it works for me :).

Now as for workouts....they were a kind of going through the motions sort of thing for the past few weeks but I am still getting it done. I am kind of resting up but still moving in order to prepare for a more regular routine when the kids get back to school. Working my way through some old plans and workouts and throwing in a few tabatas and a little metabolic work to round things out just for the rest of this week then next week, back into the groove again.

I thrive on routine!!! It's just the way I roll.

So this week will round out 2011 and the time is quickly approaching to start thinking about our goals for 2012! This year I am going to be VERY specific in my goal setting, writing it all down and focusing on the things that are the most important and will move me towards those very things. (Post to come on this later in the week I suspect).

How about you? Did you make it through the holidays unscathed and feeling happy and healthy?


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