Weekly Meal Plan - Sept. 9

Posted on September 8, 2013 at 6:15 PM

So I decided to get back into my weekly meal planning simply because I feel much less stress when I know what's coming. Not only does it make my days easier, it makes grocery shopping easier too!

It is not in great detail but more a rough idea as I try to rotate some of my long forgotten meal favorites and also try some new recipes. I will list the main meals here and maybe you might find some inspiration or new ideas here too :)

Breakfast: oatmeal with berries, egg
Lunch: grilled cheese and ham sandwiches
Supper: tacos

Breakfast: French Toast
Lunch: Taco salad
Supper: cabbage/pepper/onion stirfry (FB share from last week) and brown rice

Breakfast: breakfast wrap
Lunch: pita pizza (kids), Tuna for me
Supper: trout, salad

Breakfast: Eggs, ham, cheese avocado scramble
Lunch: pasta (kids), leftover trout and salad for me
Supper: Pork and veggies (not sure of preparation method here yet or recipe....)

Breakfast: egg, ham, tomato on english muffin
Lunch: left over pork and veggies
Supper: chicken and brown rice (looking for a new recipe here too....)

Breakfast: turkey bacon quiche (recipe here)
Lunch: whatever....pretty laid back on saturdays
Supper: meatloaf, asparagus spaghetti (new recipe to try)

*I also have 2 or sometimes 3 snacks a day which are almost always fruit, nuts, nut butter or protein shakes with frozen berries and flax seed oil and chia seed.

Hope this might help you to give some extra thought before hand to your meal preparation and ease some of your own food stress!

Planning is a key player to successful stress management in all areas, cooking included. 

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