10 Tips to Healthy, Balanced Living...Part I

Posted on December 18, 2013 at 5:15 PM


1. As we head into the new year we reflect on the time that has passed and we look ahead with hope and optimism and plans for positive change – hence the popularity of the “New Year’s Resolution”.

But how about trying something different this year? Instead of the fads, diets, resolutions and promises why not try taking a positive approach by evaluating each aspect of your lifestyle and creating a positive statement of intent for that category. And instead of “giving up” something why not try “taking up” something? Try adding more vegetables to your meals, or adding exercise twice a week, or trying one new healthy recipe a week.

Look at your social, emotional, spiritual and physical health and consider ways that you would like to improve these areas. By stating your goals as a positive affirmation, you have already created the framework for success.

“I exercise twice a week for thirty minutes.”

“I eat healthy balanced meals consisting of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.”

“I communicate effectively with my family and friends.”



2. Motivation. This is something that doesn’t always come easy or naturally. As a popular quote from Zig Ziglar states “people often say that motivation doesn’t last, well neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” There are four common barriers to motivation and self care and they are lack of skill, family dynamics, social pressures and probably the biggest culprit, unrealistic expectations. Motivating yourself is the key to overcoming these barriers but first one must realize their own worth and the value that comes from caring for oneself. Often the belief exists that taking time for your own health, fitness, emotions, etc is selfish…..women in particular find this to be true. But you cannot give from a dry well and you are of no use or help tp anyone that you care about if you are not living your best life.


We are here to love, support, encourage and care for others but not to be martyrs. YOU ARE WORTH IT!! Once you believe that, the rest begins to fall into place.






3. Support system: Develop a strong support system with healthy, open and positive relationships to help you through life in all of its ups and downs. This may mean we have new people come into our loves or vice versa we may find that we have outgrown certain relationships. And that is perfectly normal. There is no point hanging on to something that no longer serves us or our goals just because it has always been that way or we fear the change.

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When we make changes in our lives, especially changes that affect our habits and lifestyles it can sometimes create tension with those closest to us. People don’t like change and they may feel that they are being left behind or that your “new” habits and choices are in some way pushing them out. They may, at times, even be a little envious of your new happiness. The biggest thing to keep in mind, whether you are the one going through the changes or the one watching is that IT ISN’T PERSONAL. People function in their own world, and while we are all connected and our choices do affect others, the purpose and passion behind those choices is strictly personal.


So be very conscious of the company that you keep and ensure that you have a good network of supporters and cheerleaders because we all need that for healthy growth and change.

Stay tuned for part two with my remaining tips for healthy change and balanced living!


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