Just because you CAN doesn't mean you should

Posted on March 15, 2014 at 8:30 PM

I went from living healthfully, eating well, moving most days and being present and joyful, to competing in physique competitions from which I rebounded physically and propelled me into a depression and obsession with food and body image.

Then I started doubting everything that I believed about food and how to nourish my body.....And so I started on my anti-diet journey.


Despite the fact that I felt fantastic when I ate my 5-6 small carb/protein meals per day, I had loads of energy, my bodily functions were on track, my skin was clear, I enjoyed the foods that I ate and I still enjoyed a treat now and then; I started to question whether my "healthy eating" was just another diet in disguise.

I didn't trust myself any more!


Then I found a number of articles, books and old blog posts about Intuitive Eating and making peace with food but also nourishing your body and what real deprivation means. And I realized that I have been eating just because I told myself that I could, whether my body really wanted it or needed it or not.

Just because I gave myself permission to eat whatever I want, whenever I want

doesn't mean I have to!!!



I have to say that one again.....

Just because I gave myself permission to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, doesn't mean I have to!


If I give myself unconditional  permission to eat ice cream and yet ice cream gives me cramps and leaves my bloated and constipated, should I eat it just because I'm not restricting it from my diet? Or should I eat spinach because its "good for me" when it causes me joint pain and flares up my gout?

So maybe by traditional Intuitive Eating standards and some anti-diet people, my eating style might look like dieting - but if it works for me, does not create stress in my life, is still flexible when it needs to be, is enjoyable and nourishes my body then isn't THAT what matters most?!?!? Isn't how I feel more important than any rules - whether those rules are diet or anti-diet.

Learning to listen to what the BODY, not the mind, wants, needs and deserves is the key to healthy, balanced nutrition and peaceful eating.

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