Yes, I have bad days too....thankfully they don't last long

Posted on September 24, 2011 at 10:00 AM

This whole week wasn't the best. Nutrition and Training was good but nothing stage worthy...then again maybe I am being too hard on myself. I did the best with what I had at the time and when you know better you do better right? So I regrouped and now I am doing better. Adjustments made to my workout, adding an extra day of weight training and some more cardio (yes it is that time with only 8 weeks to the show) and I also have made changes to my nutrition. I will be cycling my carbs now for the duration and have increased my fats - which my body is thanking me for.


My downward spiral this week started with updating my progress pics, or "lack of progress" pictures; or so I felt. When my head was clearer I was able to feel much better about them though and use them to move me forward and spur necessary changes, as mentioned above. I had to accept that now is the time to start doing more, especially in terms of my training. I have been working intensely during my training sessions but I am capable of much more and so it is.


It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly and visciously negativity can spread. I fell victim to it this week. Some unexpected negative comments from a friend (who was in a terrible mood herself) really caught me off guard and left me feeling a little angry and confused, and not at her but at life in general. Then it snowballed, one issue and challenge after another refreshed itself in my psyche and I got more and more out of sorts. At one point, I even chose not to post any more status updates or comment on anything because I did not want to spread the negative energy. A wise decision. I was able to quickly regain my perspective and being aware of the previous state was a huge catalyst to the shift back to being me.


I still get annoyed and angry from time to time, but overall it is my frustration that overwhelms me the most and the most often. I get frustrated when I feel that I am not fulfilling my purpose and making a difference to those around me. It is my passion to help, and when I feel like I am not being successful in doing that or in reaching people, then I feel rather lost and often alone. But I am never alone, even when I am lost. Things always fall into place and even the things that we can view as being wrong, bad or negative or even those things which simply do not align with our plans, are often blessings to us; Just a gentle hand guiding us in another direction or giving us a push to develop our persistence and renew our comittments.


So I have reviewed and renewed my commitments to my faith, my family and my friends along with which comes my fitness, nutrition, stress management and positive mindset. Life is constantly changing and so is even my own defining of balance.


So I ask you...what gets you out of the cranky rut?

Health and Happiness

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