10 Tips to Healthy, Balanced Living...Part II

Posted on December 20, 2013 at 5:15 PM


The follow up to my last is the rest of the list!

4. Assess your fitness, nutrition, sleep routine and stress management techniques and look for ways to improve. These elements are all essential to a good, balanced wellness plan. Create a routine that works for you, in your life. Make adjustments and changes to help create healthy habits. Try new things and have fun!


5. Assess your emotional health and your coping mechanisms. Do you feel your feelings and work through them or do you eat, drink shop or gamble them out of your thoughts? What feelings, situations or relationships do you find the most difficult to deal with and why? How can you improve your emotional health?



6. Consider your career. You do it every day…for a whole lot of years, so you had better find a way to enjoy it. Let’s be real, every job has aspects that we don’t care for, or even people that we would rather not deal with on a regular basis, but to really and truly be happy and healthy you need to find the joy in your daily life and your job. You need to feel satisfied. Do you help people feel better Do you enforce laws that keep our society safe, healthy and productive? Do you sell goods and services that truly add value to people’s lives.

If you truly can not find joy in your job then you may even want to consider a change; and if that is not an option then make sure that there are other aspects of your life that bring joy to your day. Maybe a volunteer position with a local service organization, being involved in your church, donating to a favorite charity…. Joy can be found through serving others.

7. Stimulate your brain. When you stop learning, you stop growing. Find a new passion or hobby or topic that interests you and run with it! Those who continually learn appreciate life.


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8. Be aware of your environment. I’m not talking living “green” although that is an important issue for so many of us. But I mean the environment of your life. Is your life cluttered? Too many commitments and not enough time? Is your brain on overdrive? Are your constantly connected yet totally disconnected from your body and the people in your life? Is your house cluttered..drawers and closets stuffed? Is it time to clear out and simplify?



9. Spiritual growth. I’m not talking religion here as much as about nurturing the spirit within you. We can get into the habit of being down, low or depressed or simply apathetic. Create moments in life that allow you to reconnect with that spirit. Commune with nature, take a hike, play with children, help out others, and be kind and loving to those you meet, true joy in life comes from our experiences, not from our “stuff”.


10. Pass it on. Share your wisdom and your story to help others as they live theirs. You never know who or how you might impact another life.


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