Winter Exercise

Posted on December 24, 2013 at 4:30 PM

With holiday indulgences and the chilly, snowy weathe,r it's always tempting to skip your winter workouts. But it is important to maintain a good exercise regimen throughout the colder seasons too.

Here are a few "Winter Workout" success tips:

Warm Up: The cold temperatures can cause muscles to tighten. It's imperative that you properly warm up your muscles to prevent strains, sprains and other injuries. Static stretches, jumping jacks, arm circles and squats are all good ways to get the blood flowing and muscles firing.

Insulate your Body: You might feel warm while you are working out, but you can still lose heat, especially if you are perspiring. When finished, be sure to remove layers slowly to allow the body to adjust to the temperature differences - hypothermia can result from too quick of a cool down. Remember to always dress in layers, with the one closest to the skin absorbing and maintaining the most heat.

Stay Hydrated: The cold can take away as much moisture as the heat so be sure to stay hydrated by consuming enough fluids. Plain water is always best!

Try New Things: Experiment in the winter months with new and fun exercise options. Getting outside will also give you the added bonus of a vitamin D boost.. Sliding, hiking, skiing...... even simply walking in the snow can be a great workout - just always be sure to be careful of ice and wear proper clothing and footwear

Exercise Indoors: When all else fails, take your program inside on the days that you simply can't get out. Seek a variety of new indoor options or your favorite routines. Join a gym or fitness center, swim, dance, martial arts, DVD's, kettlebells, cardio, strength training.....balls, benches, kettlebells, dumbbells, jump rope, treadmill, elliptical, bodyweight.....the options are endless.

What better way to beat the winter blues and to stay healthy, active and fit than by maintaining your exercise program through the dark, cold winter months. There are no excuses.

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