To help simplify healthy living and inspire clients to create their own definition of "healthy balance" for their lives; and once defined, to go into the world and to live it, which will in turn inspire those around them.


Through Defining Balance Massage & Wellness, it is my mission to inspire and motivate others to better manage their stress and their lives through healthy living. With my passion for creating positive lifestyle change one step at a time, it is my mission to empower others with tools and strategies to help achieve balance, health and wellness. 


  • Balance - To strive for moderation and a holistic, balanced approach to health and wellness - body, mind and spirit.

  • Spiritual - I believe in love and acceptance without judgement. I believe that the body is simply a house for the spirit; as good stewards, it is our responsibility to take care of what we have been blessed with, and to show our gratitude and to inspire others through living an inspired, healthy, balanced life.

  • Personal - To treat each and every person as an individual with unique goals and challenges; to develop and foster professional yet close, deep and lasting relationships.

  • Self care - To take care of yourself is to care for those who depend on you and need you to be healthy; one can not give from a dry well. Nurturing oneself physically, as well as mentally and spiritually is essential for healthy, balanced living.
  • Family - Health and wellness is a family affair; caregivers set the living example that others learn as they live. Creating positive change in your life will impact those around you; young, old and in between.

  • Simplicity - to strive to keep healthy living uncomplicated to help alleviate stress in clients' lives, making positive changes one step at a time to reduce overwhelm and increase success.

  • Goal Oriented - To strive towards simple, healthy, clearly defined goals.

  • Fun and Efficient - Life is short; and you will not do what you do not enjoy. We strive to find what fits for you and is fun, efficient and effective!
  • Compassion - To provide a supportive environment, without judgement. All those who come do so to better themselves. It is my place only to gently guide and encourage.